North Bay Live Music Network



The North Bay Live Music Network (The Network) is an organization which raises, maintains, and distributes funds to live music professionals during times of illness or injury.  The organization will facilitate fund raising activities, receive applications from those in need, and determine eligibility based on an established criteria.  The mandate is to have a proactive approach toward helping in times of crisis.

Here is a good question ... "Who are the live music professionals served by this program?"  The live music professionals are singers, musicians, luthiers, private music teachers, music therapists, sound engineers, lighting engineers,and others who earn their livelihood on a part-time or full time basis.  If you get sick or injured, we're here to provide some financial support.  Check our constitution for full details.

The Network is not a union.  It is not a voice for the local music industry.  It is not a governing body of music industry professionals.  It is an organization run by volunteers to help live music professions during times of illness and injury.

The Network is not a replacement for your benefit events for your cause.  We encourage you to run your events.

Please take a look at our constitution to see what we are about.  Please have a look at our upcoming events / concerts and support our program if you can.  We assure you, the entertainment is will be outstanding!

If you are sick or injured and cannot work, give us a call.  We'll try and help you out.